The Impact of Trump Immigration Policy

President Donald Trump’s various immigration policies have sent shockwaves around the world. His January travel ban was blocked and then revised in March and now, in recent announcement of his budget proposal, it looks like the radical changes to US immigration policy are certainly set to continue. The revised travel ban, which was signed on … Read more

UK Election 2017: Immigration Policy

As the UK General Election on the 8th June draws steadily nearer, we take a look at how each party could affect UK immigration policy if they were to take power. Based on their respective manifestos, we look at how the Conservatives, Labour and the Liberal Democrats will address EU immigration, non-EU immigration and refugees … Read more

Corporate Immigration Compliance

Corporate immigration compliance is essential when it comes to moving a workforce fluidly across borders. Remaining compliant with a country’s immigration law is important not only for the individual who is moving, but also for the employer. By not being compliant, you put yourself at risk of heavy fines and even employment tribunal action.  Immigration … Read more

The Dark Side of AI: What are the risks to the Immigration Sector?

Alchemy discusses with Kent O’Neil, Knowledge Management Specialist at Newland Chase: No longer a sci-fi fantasy… In past decades artificial intelligence was a sci-fi dream of the future, these days AI is a functional and ever-increasing aspect of many industries, including the Immigration sector. We are often hearing about the advantages of AI as … Read more

The Windrush Generation: a cause for immigration reform?

Who are the Windrush Generation? The term ‘Windrush Generation’ has been widely adopted to refer to migrants that entered the UK between 1948 – 1971. Following the aftermath of World War II, families from Jamaica and other various Caribbean countries boarded the passenger liner ‘Empire Windrush’ and journeyed to Tilbury Docks in Essex. This influx … Read more