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The Windrush Generation: a cause for immigration reform?

The Windrush Generation: a cause for immigration reform?
Gabriella Vianello, April 24, 2018

Who are the Windrush Generation?

The term ‘Windrush Generation’ has been widely adopted to refer to migrants that entered the UK between 1948 – 1971. Following the aftermath of World War II, families from Jamaica and other various Caribbean countries boarded the passenger liner ‘Empire Windrush’ and journeyed to Tilbury Docks in Essex. This influx of migrants jumpstarted a trend of migration, with more and more individuals travelling to the UK to assist in rebuilding post-war Britain. These migrants were invited by the British government, with the intention that they would help solve the issues surrounding labour shortages at the time; workers were required to rebuild roads, care for the sick and injured, and to assist with other state services as required. With approximately 500 passengers, the Windrush liner therefore offered a substantial opportunity to address workforce issues at the time.

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