Immigration Jobs

Immigration careers are both rewarding and exciting, offering opportunities to work internationally in vibrant and challenging environments.

The Role of Immigrants

Immigration is a hot topic, affecting virtually every country in the world one way or another. By our very nature, people have always moved around the globe, taking with them a mixture of cultural diversity and often a much needed new approach to business problems through their experience. Many Countries are facing huge skills gaps in their workforce, meaning they need to look beyond their own shores to fill key jobs through the employment of immigrant workers. There is an increasingly growing conflict between maintaining the ability of businesses to source key personnel and Governments being able to manage the rising population numbers and unemployment levels.

Skills and Knowledge

The expertise of Immigration Consultants with specialist skills, knowledge and understanding of how to negotiate the multiple layers of immigration legalities, put in place by governments to protect the rising population, is becoming an absolute necessity for many businesses when it comes to international recruitment.

The immigration process is undoubtedly an expensive exercise for companies, with each country having its own immigration policies, specifically put in place to manage the flow of people in and out of the country. These policies are usually long, complicated and at times, seem nigh on impossible to negotiate, even for those government agencies who have to implement them. In the UK, the Home Office set the immigration rules with regard to issuing visas and accepting passport applications. For these reasons, businesses are choosing to invest in specialist recruitment companies to assist them in locating key Immigration specialists.

Current Job Opportunities

At Alchemy, we provide extensive Business Immigration Recruitment services, placing experienced professionals into a wide range of immigration services positions including Immigration Attorneys, Immigration Solicitors, Immigration Directors, Immigration Consultants, Immigration Paralegals and Immigration Coordinators for a wide range of organisations. This includes Law Practices, Consultancies and Global Corporations across the US, South America, Europe and Asia Pacific regions.

Immigration recruitment is a specialism of Alchemy Global Talent Solutions, with a proven track record in not only finding key immigrant personnel to fill contract and permanent job vacancies, but also being able to provide companies with their own in-house capability, through the recruitment of Immigration professionals.